Holy Crap #1: Logitech Driving Force Pro

The original Holy Crap

Holy crap, did I ever get a good deal on my Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel for my Playstation 2.

 I had originally considered getting it in mid-2005 when it listed for C$125, but I couldn't quite justify it.  Then, a month or two back, I decided to check on it, to see if the price had come down.  Dropped into Best Buy and lo and behold, it was listed at $79.  So I snapped that sucker up without another thought.

When  I got to the cashier and they scanned it, the price came up as $179.  Yikes.  I said that wasn't right, fully prepared to find that I had screwed up.  We proceeded to check out the prices on the shelves and sure enough, it said $79 and "Driving Force Pro" and everything.  Yay.  I paid and returned home with my prize.

Switch to a couple of days ago and I'm in Best Buy-affiliate Future Shop buying Gran Turismo 4 and what should I see but the same wheel. Price?  $179!  So I look it up online, and as you now know if you followed the link at the start of this, that's Logitech's price too.  I saved $100 due to Best Buy's screw up.  Yay me.

 Update early 2007:

Well, I had a problem with the brakes on this sucker -- they would stick on.  So I called Logitech (364 days into 1 year warranty) and complained.  So, they sent me a new one, without asking for the old one in return. So now I have one to experiment on to see if I can fix it, in which case I'll have 2 DFPs for the price of 1.  Or actually for the price of 44% of one.