Holy Crap #3: Driving Competency

So earlier this week , there was a story in the paper that said that the majority of experienced drivers couldn't pass the class 7 (Learner's) written driving exam. Of course, just like there is no parent who has a child that is below average, if you ask anyone they wouldn't claim to be in that majority. Certainly I'm not. The difference, of course, is that I have "proof".

After having read that I kept thinking to myself that I know the rules better than most (based on discussions I've had with people), but I'd like to see the test and know for sure. Later I got into a conversation on twitter that centred around a particular aspect of one law (yellow lights and if you have to stop for them). That was enough for me to actually go and look things up. A quick Googling lead me to 2 sources: this site with practice tests, and The Government of Alberta Ministry of Transportation. The latter, of course, is pretty much canon, but I saw similar questions on both sets of tests.

So, off I went to run through all the tests (6 in all) to see how I did. The numbers proved me right as I got anywhere from 90% to 100% on each, well above the 80%ish passing grades. However, it doesn't stop there as I thought there were some interesting questions in there. Some because there were nice, obscure ones that I know commonly aren't known but I was proud to know. I'm going to brag about those here. Hey, it's a blog-like page, how can it not be narcissistic? Also, it was not all smooth sailing, some of the questions surprised me with their answers, so I'll discuss those too.

    1. Pride: the questions I got right that I doubt may others would
    2. Sloth: weird or just lazy questions
    3. Wrath: I call bullshit, these are either wrong as in incorrect, or wrong as in dumb/stupid laws that don't make sense.