The Twitter conversation I had centered on the regulations regarding yellow lights. My claim was that it's not necessary to stop once you're close i.e. you don't need to slam on your brakes to stop before the line, only that you need to be ready adn stop once the light goes red.

Shortly afterwards I did these tests and discovered this question:

If I had read it carefully, I would have realized the other answers weren't right, but I was determined that it couldn't be #4 so I took the best of the rest. I guess I should have known better ,since I once got a ticket for running a yellow light (did you know they even did that? And it was in a snowstorm in an unfamiliar car, as I was on a test drive. How much of prick of cop do you have to be?). I still think this is wrong, or perhaps a specific case within the rule, but if it is right, then I ask you: what the hell is the red light for?